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About Us

The Carriage Driving Sports Group (for drivers with disabilities) was set up in 1988 as a Charity and is a dedicated driving group (affiliated to British Carriage driving) to support drivers with disabilities to reach their aims and goals ranging, from improving their every day driving to competing at the highest level of competition sports driving.

The group has more recently developed a Carriage Driver pathway which recognises the various entry routes into carriage driving and the important support infrastructure needed to enable and empower our existing and new drivers.

Our approach is based on a model of human, equine and support structure. This also underpins our constitution and Strategic Aims.

Our Team

RUC scarf.jpg

Giselle Lockett

Chair - More info..


Sara Howe

Trainer - More info..

Mike Ward.jpg

Mike Ward

Driver Representative, Equality & Diversity Officer - More info..

Martin Yemm.jpg

Martin Yemm

Treasurer - More info..

Julie Camm.jpg

Julie Camm

Para Liaison Officer - More info..

Claire Camerond.jpg

Claire Cameron

Secretary - More info..

Deborah Daniel.jpg

Deborah Daniel

Driver Representative

More info..

Matt pic.jpg

Matthew Palamarczuk

Webmaster - More info..

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